Saturday, 2 August 2008

New Website

I finally finished my website! After so much frustration in trying to write ActionScript 3 and not really having a clue.

So far, only one Squirrel Girl comic, but hopefully lots more rubbish adventures for her when I get the time.

You can visit my website here:


paula said...

Hello! Your website looks just fab! I love Squirrel Girl and the kids+houses :o) x x

Paula Hickman said...

I agree your website looks amazing . . . I love the apples swinging in the breeze and to have a comic strip is a great idea! I love all the illustrations but particularly those with the little girl with pink hair and the mouse x

natural attrill said...

Your website is great! I really like the swinging apples.

Bowerbird said...

It's a great site Lauren, congratulations on building it too! I'm impressed, I think squirrel girl is a star, but where is Panda-wa!?